Lemon #35. Keep it short and sweet

Lemon #35. Keep it

While reading the Leadfeeder blog, this is what we learned about some B2B cold emailing principles (just for Sales Development Representatives):

The modern inbox is a busy, crowded place. In fact, the average office worker gets more than 100 emails a day. A catchy subject title creates that strong first impression, so your email stands out in a sea of over 100 other emails. Here are three tips for creating a clickable email subject:

  • Keep it short: Less than 60 characters. Keep in mind that longer email subjects will get cut off in many email boxes – particularly on mobile devices. 
  • Pique interest: Creating a bit of curiosity can encourage users to click on an email they might have otherwise ignored. For example, ‘Meeting at 10’? instead of ‘Would you like to meet at 10 for a demo’?. Above all, don’t use subjects that are misleading like «RE: Your order (when they haven’t placed an order) because that might earn a click but it won’t close a deal. 
  • Personalize emails when possible: Naming your ideal customer profile is not enough. Catch your ICP attention by featuring a picture of his or her own website and discuss how your tool can help, you know, something like that. 

On the other hand, a study by Boomerang, an email plugin for Gmail, emails between 50 and 100 words are most likely to get a response. 

You need to keep in mind that you don’t have. relationship with that person yet, so they don’t want to listen to you wax poetic about state of the world for 500 words. Keep your approach short and sweet. 

Anna Crowe @ Leadfeeder blog.

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