Lemon #22. Sales ramp up time

Lemon #22. Sales

While reading the Balderton B2B Sales playbook, I learned some key points about sales ramp up time: 

  • For enterprise SaaS ramp up time can be around 6 months on average; for SMBs SaaS that time is reduced to 3 months. 
  • Ramping up time is an important factor to consider as it is a «hidden» cost for your business – base salaries are paid fully and resources are allocated to the sales person.
  • Investing in training is a great way to reduce ramp up time – while it might look like an even higher upfront cost, it is more of an investment, as a good initial training program can considerably reduce ramp up time.
  • Thinking of a sales academy for your sales team is a good idea. 
  • You cannot help people leaving your sales organisation, but you should try to hold on to your best people as it can have a much larger effect on the cost of churn.
  • Integrate recruiting with growth strategy: you should always have a pipeline of potential good candidates to move forward fast.
  • Offering a good career progression is another way to keep and attract talent. 

The details @ The Balderton B2B sales playbook.

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