Lemon #26. Rewarding a winning mentality

Lemon #26. Rewarding a

While reading the Balderton B2B Sales Playbook, I learned how we should reward our sales team and create a winning mentality:

Everyone has ups and downs, so building a team that believes the impossible is possible is critical to execution, so this includes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual incentives. 

You can use trophies for top performers, Premier Club dinners or trips. 

Additional recognition programs are also helpful, including: 

  • Win reports (via slack or email)
  • Big gong hit when closing a deal
  • Best Practice Fridays with other execs joining to elevate a few reps having delivered great meetings, superb proposal, won a deal, etc. 

Promote a good understanding of the ‘SaaS Trinity’ (product, sales and marketing). Having a sales team that works well with the product, customer success and marketing team is crucial. 

Set clear and transparent expectations on Performance and Values. This allows performance management to be much easier as everyone knows the rules. 

Creating a strong sales culture @ The Balderton B2B sales playbook.

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