Lemon #97. The «Out of your mind!» committee

Lemon #97. The

While reading ‘CEOFlow’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about how to bring excellent ideas to the table by thinking outside of the box. Aaron Ross says:

One of the places employees can bring ideas that aren’t a good fit for normal meetings is the «Out of your mind!» committee. This is the place to share crazy ideas that might not turn out to be so crazy!

The intention is to create a safe and encouraging place to share ideas based on liberty, respect for others, the power of sharing, and the «sacred right of indolence».

However, the idea should be crazy enough to get the other people on the committee to say «You’re out of your mind!» and to get them to stop, think, and challenge their assumptions. 

Even if the idea doesn’t turn into a concrete program, it will spark others’ creativity and innovation. 

If you don’t encourage your employees’ ideas, even ones you think are unrealistic or stupid, you’ll discourage them from sharing any ideas at all. 

Employees aren’t stupid. Why should they share ideas on how to improve the business if others aren’t open to those ideas? One person’s crazy idea today could be what morphs into a new big idea tomorrow. 

Aaron Ross @ CEOFlow.

Jorge Moreno

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