Lemon #95. The urgency instinct

Lemon #95. The

While Reading “Factfulness” from Hans Rosling, we learned about the Urgency Instinct and its implications. 

The sense of urgency makes for stupid and drastic decisions with unpredictable side effects. The overdramatic view in people heads creates constant sense of crisis and stress. Thus, not proper decisions are taken.

To control the urgency instinct: 

  • Take a breath. When your urgency instinct is triggered, your other instincts kick-in and your analysis shut down. 
  • Insist on the date: if something is urgent and important, it should be measured. 
  • Beware of fortune-tellers: any prediction about the future is uncertain. Insist on a full range of scenarios. 
  • Be warry of drastic action: ask what the side effects will be and if it has been tested.

Factfulness is recognizing when a decision feels urgent and remembering that it rarely is.

Hans Rosling @ Factfulness.

Josep Guitart

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