Lemon #94. Every meeting should be optional

Lemon #94. Every
should be optional

While reading ‘CEOFlow’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about why every meeting should be optional. Aaron Ross says:

How can you make a meeting more interesting? You just need to follow Semco’s meeting policy. 

Semco has a policy of «every meeting is optional». This force people to make meetings relevant, useful, and entertaining. Mandatory meetings are an easy way to avoid having to get creative in how you serve your people. 

If you can’t even get your own people’s attention – the people you pay – how well are you and they going to be able to get your prospect’s and market’s attention?

Plus, if someone holds meetings and no one shows up, they will get instant feedback that: 

a) What they are doing is not important to others

b) They aren’t communicating effectively why it matters

c) Perhaps others just don’t like them

If all your meetings are optional, how would that force you and your people to get focused on what really matters and ensure it is communicated in ways that others (internally or externally) see that?

Aaron Ross @ CEOFlow.

Jorge Moreno

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