Lemon #93. Push management vs Pull management

Lemon #93. Push management
Pull management

While reading ‘CEOFlow’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about the differences between push management vs pull management. Aaron Ross says:

The brute force methods that used to work so well, such as «work harder», «hire more», «spend more», aren’t true sustainable or competitive advantages. 

It’s time to start taking regular breaths to reflect on what we’re missing – better more creative ways to increase growth more productively. 

How can a CEO create an environment that helps the company to grow itself faster by unlocking the motivation of its people in an environment of trust, transparency and alignment? 

Can a CEO spend 95% of their time enjoyably surfing the flow of growing a company, rather than feeling sometimes like they’re paddle against the waves? 

  • «Push Management» is the «Give a man a fish» model

In this model, the executives tell employees what to do and how to do it. You don’t ask for, or want, much feedback from people – you just want them to do the damn job and not complain about it. 

Push Management is easier in many ways in the short-term than Pull Management, because you get to just tell people what to do. However, Push Management isn’t enjoyable for anyone. 

  • «Pull Management» is the «Teach a man to fish» model

Pull Management is the term I use to describe a company culture of focused collaboration and open communication, in which you’re dedicated to the success of your company by being first dedicated to the success of your employees. 

Pull Management takes more patience and commitment, because you aren’t allowed to tell people what to do – you have to let them figure it out for themselves, with coaching and guidance, of course. 

Rather than trying to control everything, you focus on creating an environment where people are «pulled» into action by the vision of what is possible and by the opportunity for them to make a difference.

Aaron Ross @ CEOFlow.

Jorge Moreno

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