Lemon #92. The destiny instinct

Lemon #92. The

While Reading “Factfulness” from Hans Rosling we learned about the Destiny Instinct and its implications. 

The destiny instinct is the idea that innate characteristics determine the destinies of people, countries, etc. That things are as they are for ineluctable, inescapable reasons: the have always been this way and will never change. 

Things are not unchanging and unchangeable. For example, Africa, still some years back but it will catch up. 

If you work for a company based in the “old west”, probably you are missing opportunities in the largest expansion of the middle-income consumer market. 

To control the destiny instinct: 

  • Keep track of gradual improvements
  • Update your knowledge. 
  • Talk to your grandparents.
  • Collect examples of cultural change.

Factfulness is recognizing that many things appear to be constant just because the change is happening slowly.

Hans Rosling @ Factfulness.

Josep Guitart

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