Lemon #86. The negativity instinct

Lemon #86. The

While Reading “Factfulness” from Hans Rosling we learned about the Negativity Instinct and its implications. 

People tend to notice the bad more than the good. It is easy to be aware of all the bad thing happening in the world, but it is harder to know about the good. Consider that when taking decisions on the next capex investment.

To control the negativity instinct: 

  • Bad and Better: It is important to distinguish between a level (bad) and the direction of the change (better). Things can be bad and better. 
  • Good news tends not to be news.
  • Gradual improvement is not news. 
  • Beware of rosy pasts: People and nations tend to glorify their past even if it was not that good. 
  • Expect bad news: something that helps to control the negativity instinct is to constantly expect bad news. 

Factfulness is recognizing when we get negative news and remembering that information about bad events is much more likely to reach us than positive information. 

Hans Rosling @ Factfulness.

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