Lemon #85. The gap instinct

Lemon #85. The

While Reading “Factfulness” from Hans Rosling, we learned about the Gap Instinct and its implications. 

The Gap Instinct is a temptation that we all must divide all kinds of things into two distinct and often conflicting groups, and most of the time the majority lies in between. Consider that when profiling a market or the buyer persona for example.

In short, says Rosling, there is always a range, and significantly, most people are in the middle, not the extremes. 

To control the Gap Instinct: 

  • Comparison of averages: Any simplification of information may be misleading. Try to look at the same data from different points and in different ways. 


  • Comparison of extremes: Even in comparing extremes, the majority tends to be usually in between. 

Factfulness is recognizing when a story talks about a gap and remembering that this paints a picture of two separate groups with a gap in between.

Hans Rosling @ Factfulness.

Josep Guitart

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