Lemon #81. How to create a steady flow of inbound leads (3rd part)

Lemon #81. How to create a steady flow of
leads (3rd part)

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about how to create a steady flow of inbound leads. Aaron Ross says:

As we saw in the last post, here are some effective methods to create a steady and predictable flow of inbound leads. 

  • E-mail and Lead Nurturing

Email marketing is important to establish your expertise, build relationships and trust with your audience, promote your webinars or live events. At a minimum, all you need your email system to do is share your blog posts via email and to invite people to events or webinars you’re holding. How many people remember to check your blog anyway without a reminder? Make it easy for them and drop it in their inbox. 
As a rule of thumb, send out an email at least once per month and no more than 2x per week. 

  • Webinars

Webinars are a great lead-nurturing practice. 80% of webinars are not for selling but for teaching. Teach something useful in the webinar. How can you help them do their jobs better? 
Make webinars «bigger than you» – make them about the attendees, not your company. And ideal format:  hold webinars in which customers are the presenters. 

  • PPC Marketing

The more trust-building and education your prospects need, the less likely PPC leads will convert into customers. If you’re selling to more sophisticated buyers, you’ll be better served with focusing on SEO and blogging as your primary activities. 

  • Affiliate Marketing

The best partners are bloggers or companies with large and trusting email audiences, and whose interests and values align with yours. 

  • Social media

I do think it’s a very important part of an inbound marketing mix, as it adds a human face to your company. However, it does not immediately drive a lot of direct traffic that converts into leads. 

Social media can also be extremely powerful if a sales and marketing team coordinates some social media marketing activities and leverages the distributed team’s personal networks to launch a product, get feedback and raise awareness about a campaign. 

Do not try to do everything at once! Pick two or three of the above options and build some expertise, momentum and results before beginning to add more activities. 

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

Jorge Moreno

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