Lemon #79. How to generate a steady flow of inbound leads (1st part)

Lemon #79. How to generate a steady flow of
leads (1st part)

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about how to generate a steady flow of inbound leads. Aaron Ross says:

Inbound leads are leads that come to you, typically registering on your website in some way or asking to be called back. They are the ones that find you before you find them. Inbound leads can be highly erratic, coming in spurts and spikes depending on the winds of fate and what kinds of PR or advertising your company is doing at any one time. But there are ways to create more flow and predictability. 

But, which inbound marketing methods work? 

Each of these activities is ranked in order of its ability to generate leads more easily:

  1. Referrals
  2. Free tools/free trials
  3. Organic SEO
  4. Blogging
  5. Email newsletters
  6. Webinars
  7. PPC
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Social Media

However, al the activities are complementary and can be hard to separate from each other. From example, blogging helps SEO and email newsletters. 

Pick three areas first in which to create a momentum before trying to do them all. 

Most of these techniques require a time investment instead of a financial investment. Many of these things support each other. So, it’s important to do things in the proper order and to prioritize. 

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

Jorge Moreno

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