Lemon #78. The four core sales functions

Lemon #78. The four core

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about the four core sales functions. Aaron Ross says:

  • «Inbound» Lead Qualification: Commonly called Market Response Rep, they qualify marketing leads coming inbound. The sources of these leads are marketing programs, SEM or organic word-of-mouth.
  • «Outbound» prospecting/cold calling 2.0: Commonly called Sales Reps. This functions prospects into lists of target accounts to develop new sales opportunities from cold or inactive accounts. 
    Highly efficient outbound reps and teams do not close deals, but create and qualify new sales opportunities and then pass them to Account Executives to close.
  • «Account Executives» or «Sales»: These are quota-carrying reps who close deals. Account Executives should stay in touch with new customers they close until the new customer is fully deployed and launched. 
  • Account Management/Customer Success: Client deployment, ongoing client management, and renewals. Someone needs to be dedicated to making customers successful – and that is not the salesperson!

You must specialize your people to effectively grow results. 

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

Jorge Moreno

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