Lemon #77. Nine principles of building a sales machine

Lemon #77. Nine principles of
a sales machine

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about 9 principles of building a sales machine. Aaron Ross says:

  1. Be patient. Developing a sales engine that predictably generates revenue can take 4-12 months or more. It can take months and months before it’s defined, and you’ve made your first mistakes, fixed ‘em, seen revenue, and then it’s finally integrated and habitual. 
  2. Experiment. With everything. Constantly. A/B test. Try two different phone scripts or emails with 50 prospects, and measure which one works better.
  3. Don’t take on one off-projects. If it’s not intended to be repeatable, it’s not worth doing. One-off efforts are a distraction from focusing your energy on sustainable efforts. 
  4. Get out of Excel. Create a rule that if «it» (an opportunity, order, client, etc) doesn’t exist in your CRM, it doesn’t exist. 
  5. Sketch out how things work and what your processes are on a flow chart. What’s your lead generation or sales process? Can you sketch it out simply, on a paper or a whiteboard? If no, that’s a problem.
  6. Focus on results rather than activity. Ex: Tracking the number of qualified opportunities created per month is much more meaningful than focusing on the number of sales calls made per day.
  7. Track fewer, more important metrics. New leads created per month, nº of qualified sales opportunities, % conversion rate of leads to qualified opportunities, total bookings or revenue, win rates.
  8. Pay special attention to «batons» that cross functions. Whenever a process crosses teams (marketing handing leads to sales), a «baton» is passed. These handoffs are the cause of 80% of the problems and defects in your processes. 
  9. Take baby steps! Consistently try lots of little improvements. 

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

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