Lemon #76. Seven fatal mistakes CEOs and VP sales make (3rd part)

Lemon #76. Seven fatal
CEOs and Sales VPs make (3rd part)

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about 7 fatal mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs make. Aaron Ross says:

  • Sloppy tracking and measurement

You can’t have predictability without having repeatable processes. You can’t make what counts repeatable if you’re not regularly measuring what matters. How effectively are you measuring your sales and marketing activities and results? Unless you understand what works and doesn’t work, you’re only guessing at how to improve. 

If you only track five metrics: 

  1. New leads created per month
  2. Conversation rate of leads to opportunities
  3. Number of, and pipeline dollar value of, qualified opportunities created per month.
  4. Conversion rate of opportunities to closed deals.
  5. Booked revenues: New Business, Add-On Business, Renewal Business.
  • Command-and-control management

You aren’t alone. It can be challenging to spend a lot of time focused on supporting your people, and it’s tempting to think «they’re adults, they can figure it out». 

The danger is that you end up treating employees like resources, rather than people with lots of potential, energy and ideas they could contribute given the right circumstances. 

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

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