Lemon #75. Seven fatal mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs make (2nd part)

Lemon #75. Seven fatal
CEOs and Sales VPs make (2nd part)

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about 7 fatal mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs make. Aaron Ross says:

  • Talent fumbles (hiring, training, incenting) 

Executives make all kinds of other mistake here, including:

– Hiring poorly: Especially in sales leadership. Remember, salespeople are talented at selling – including themselves!

– Insufficient training: To learn what it’s like to be in the customer’s shoes, new hires should spend time in any services area that works with live customers before starting their «real» job. 

– Misguided ramp time expectations: Think of 1-3 months for inside Account Executives, and up to 6-18 months for field or enterprise Account Executives. 

– Promoting the wrong people.

– Using money as the main (or only) motivator.

  • Thinking ‘Product-out’, Not ‘Customer-in’

If your sales or lead generation efforts are struggling, first look to yourself. How clear is your Ideal Customer Profile? Are you marketing to and speaking to those ideal clients, or are you speaking to too broad an audience, and diluting your voice?

Executives hate to do this because they feel they’re shrinking their market opportunity, but the wisdom says, «Pick a niche, get rich.»

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

Jorge Moreno

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