Lemon #74. Seven fatal sales mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs make (1st part)

Lemon #74. Seven fatal
CEOs and Sales VPs make (1st part)

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about 7 fatal mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs make. Aaron Ross says:

  • Not taking responsibility for understanding sales and lead generation 

Everything begins with the CEO. Even when a CEO hires executives to run lead generation and sales, the CEO cannot delegate their own understanding of how lead generation and sales work. The CEO must understand the fundamentals in order to set effective goals, coach executives, and solve revenue problems. By understanding how this works, your CEO can help create realistic plans and visions for the team. 

  • Thinking Account Executives should prospect

You need your Account Executives to spend most of their time fulfilling deals or calling customers, and a minimum of time prospecting for brand new accounts. Account Executives should prospect for new clients less than 20% of the time and only to a Top 10 Strategic Account list or current customers. 

  • Assuming channels will do the selling for you

A giant mistake is assuming that even if you can sign up some channel partner, they will do most of the selling for you. Usually, they won’t. Or can’t. Or they just aren’t very good at it. You have to control your destiny. 

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

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