Lemon #70. Principles of strong product teams (2nd part)

Lemon #70. Principles of
teams (2nd part)

While reading ‘Inspired’ from Marty Cagan, we learned about how principles of strong product teams should be like. This is what he says: 

  • Team collaboration 

A product team is a set of highly skilled people who come together for an extended period of time to solve hard business problems. The nature of the relationship is more about true collaboration. I literally mean product, design, and engineering working out solutions together. This is not a hierarchy. 

  • Team location

The best companies have learned the value of sitting together as a team. When sitting together, there’s a special dynamic that occurs and eating lunch together builds personal relationships with one another. 

  • Team scope

One dimension of this is the type of work to be done.  The other dimension is the scope of work to be done. In some companies, the product team is responsible for a complete product. But it’s more common today that the product is the full customer experience and each team is responsible for some smaller but meaningful piece of that experience. 

In any case, what’s critically important is alignment between product management and engineering. This is why the head of product and the head of engineering normally get together to define the size and scope of the teams. 

  • Team autonomy

If we want teams to feel empowered and have missionary-like passion for solving customer problems, we need to give them a significant degree of autonomy. Obviously, this doesn’t mean they can go off and work on whatever looks fun, but it does mean that they are able to try to solve the problems they are assigned in the best way they see fit. 

Marty Cagan @ Inspired.

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