Lemon #62. Why dogs at work and yoga aren’t culture

Lemon #62. Why dogs at work and yoga aren’t

While reading ‘The hard thing about hard things’ from Ben Horowitz, we learned why dogs at work and yoga aren’t culture: 

Startups today do all kinds of things to distinguish themselves. Many great, many original, many quirky, but most of them will not define the company’s culture. Yes, yoga may make your company a better place to work for people who like yoga. Nonetheless, it’s not culture. It will not establish a core value that drives the business and helps promote it in perpetuity. Yoga is a perk. 

Somebody keeping a pit bull in her cube may be shocking. The lesson learned – that animal lovers are welcome or that employees can live however they want – may provide some societal value, but it does not connect to your business in a distinguishing way. Every smart company values its employees. Perks are good, but they are not culture.

I describe the CEO job as knowing what to do and getting the company to do what you want. Designing a proper company culture will help you get your company to do what you want in certain important areas for a very long time. 

Ben Horowitz @ The hard thing about hard things.

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