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While reading Deep Work from Cal Newport we learned about the strategies to increase the probability that you succeed in making deep work a crucial part of your professional life.

In the previous related post, we mentioned about deciding the depth philosophy. Once decided:

  • Ritualize: To make the most out of your deep work sessions, build rituals with a great level of strictness and idiosyncrasy. Rituals minimize the transition to depth. There are some questions that any effective ritual must address:

o   Where you will work and for how long.

o   How you will work once you start to work.

o   How you will support your work.

  • Make Grand Gestures: By leveraging a radical change to your normal environment, coupled perhaps with a significant investment of effort or money, all dedicated toward supporting a deep work task, you increase the perceived importance of the task.
  • Do not Work Alone: The relationship between deep work and collaboration is tricky. It is worth taking the time to untangle, however, because properly leveraging collaboration can increase the quality of deep work in your professional life.
  • Execute Like a Business: It is often straightforward to identify a strategy needed to achieve a goal, but what trips up companies is figuring out how to execute the strategy once identified.

Cal Newport @ Deep Work.

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