Lemon #130. Schedule deep work in your day

Lemon #130. Schedule
in your day

While reading Deep Work from Cal Newport we learned about the many ways to integrate deep work into your schedule.

The key to developing a deep work habit is to move beyond good intentions and add routines and rituals to your working life designed to minimize the amount of your limited willpower.

First, we need to decide which type of Depth Philosophy you want to embrace. Setting achievable goals is important not to reduce rapidly your willpower.

  • The Monastic Philosophy: This philosophy attempts to maximize deep efforts by eliminating or radically minimizing shallow obligations.
  • The Bimodal Philosophy: Divide your time, dedicating some clearly defined stretches to deep pursuits and leaving the rest open to everything else. The minimum unit of time for deep work in this philosophy tends to be at least one full day.
  • The Rhythmic Philosophy: It argues that the easiest way to consistently start deep work sessions is to transform them into a simple regular habit. The goal is to generate a rhythm for this work that removes the need for you to invest energy in deciding when you are going to go deep. To implement rhythmic philosophy:

o   The chain method: Cross in a visible calendar everyday that you perform deep work. Mentally, you will not want to break the chain.

  Set starting time that you will use every day. This will eliminate the simplest barrier.

The rhythmic philosophy provides an interesting contrast to the bimodal philosophy. It perhaps fails to achieve the most intense levels of deep thinking but works better with the reality of human nature.

  • The Journalistic Philosophy: When you fit deep work wherever you can into your schedule. Journalists are trained to shift into a writing mode on a moment’s notice, as is required by the deadline-driven nature of their profession. However, the ability to rapidly switch your mind from shallow to deep mode does not come naturally. Without practice, such switches can seriously deplete your finite willpower reserves.

Cal Newport @ Deep Work.

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