Lemon #128. Health and well-being for entrepreneurs

Lemon #128. Health and well-being for

While reading ‘The Great CEO within, we learned why is important that founders are healthy and well-being in order to run their businesses. Matt Mochary and Alex Maccaw says in the book:

Building a company will take a physical nd mental roll. All the work you put toward your company will be for naught if it costs you your health. It is incredible important that you focus on both your physical and mental health, and take active measures to improve them. 

Ideally, take some form of exercise every day, but at least, ensure that you’re working out multiple days a week. Get a buddy to train with, sign up for a group activities or get a trainer. If you can’t afford a trainer, get the company to pay for it. Your investors won’t mind; your physical health is paramount. 

On the other side, company building takes an emotional toll too. It’s important that you have someone to speak to, listen to you, and help feelings flow through you. Build a CEO support group composed of your peers. Learn to be vulnerable in front of the company. Get a therapist; even if you think you don’t need one, you will invariably find it useful. 

Meditation is also a tool to help focus and quiet the mind. A good company perk is to buy a team account for mediation app like Calm or Headspace. 

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