Lemon #127. Top goals

Lemon #127. Top

While reading ‘The Great CEO within, we learned why is important focus on top goals at the beginning of the morning. Matt Mochary says in his book:

One of the most common complaints I hear from CEOs is that on a day-to-day basis, they seem to have infinite things to do, yet weeks will go by and they don’t feel like they have accomplished anything. 

Schedule two hours each day (i.e put an event in your calendar) to work on your top goal only. And do this every single workday. Period. 

The earlier in the day you schedule this top goal time, the better, so as to avoid other issues (and people) from pressing your attention. Research shows that we have more decision-making and thought-processing energy early in the day when our brain is freshly rested. 

During this top goal time, do not respond to emails, texts, calls, and messages. Only work on your top priority during these two hours. If you follow this pattern each workday, you will achieve amazing things. 

Matt Mochary @ The Great CEO within

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