Lemon #126. Zone of Genius

Lemon #126. Zone of

While reading ‘The Great CEO within, we learned why is important to maximize your energy. Matt Mochary says in his book:

It is important to maximize your energy. You perform best when you are doing things that energize you. Your goal should be to spend most of your time (75-80 percent) doing things that energize you. If you do, magic will occur. 

Get two highlighters, pens, or pencils of different colors. Print out the last week of your calendar when you were working . Go through each workday hour by hour and ask yourself, ‘Did that activity give me energy or drain my energy?’ Highlight in green those that gave you energy, and highlight in red those that drained your energy. There are no neutrals; every hour must be marked one color or the other. 

When finished, look for patterns of where and how your energy is drained. Now think of ways to outsource or eliminate those activities.  Keep doing this energy audit each month until 75 percent or more of your time is spent doing things that give you energy. Then, you’ll be in your Zone of Genius. 

There are four zones: 

  • Zone of Incompentence
  • Zone of Competence
  • Zone of Excellence
  • Zone of Genius

Tasks in the Zone of Incompetence are the things that other people probably do better than you (e.g. fix your car), and therefore you should outsource if they don’t give you joy. 

Tasks in the Zone of Competence are the things that you do just fine, but others are as good as you (e.g. clean your bathroom), and therefore you should outsource if they don’t give you joy. 

Tasks in the Zone of Excellence are the things that you are excellent at (i.e better than others) but don’t love doing. This is the danger zone. Many people will want you to keep doing these things but this is the area that you should also look to move away from. 

Finally, tasks in the Zone of Genius are the things that you are uniquely good at in the world and that you love to do. This is where you can add most value to the world and yourself. This is where you should be driving toward spending most, if not all, of your time. 

Of course, I wouldn’t go turkey; I would slowly phase it out to the point where you’re doing that only one day a week. Then, it’s crucial you fill in all this free time you now have with a different focus: company building. 

This will only work if you embrace and learn to love company building. Finding joy in career development, making that key hire, putting structures in place so that people love their jobs – these are all things that you must learn to revel in and love. And this will take time, but if your heart’s in it, it’s all achievable. And if your heart’s not in it, think about hiring another CEO.

Matt Mochary @ The Great CEO within.

Jorge Moreno

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