Lemon #124. What not to say in a SaaS demo appointment

Lemon #124. What not to say in a

While reading ‘Product Demos That Sell’ from Steli Efti, we learned about what not to say in a SaaS demo appointment: 

Once you’ve decided whether a prospect is a fit, look at it from their point of view. Why should they make time in their busy schedule for this demo? Why should they do it now? Why should they dedicate their time to you and not another vendor? 

If you don’t have compelling answers to these questions, you’ll miss out on a lot of demo opportunities. It’s not enough to invite prospects to a demo. You actually have to deliver a compelling pitch and apply salesmanship so they’ll commit to joining your demo. 

In fact, here are some reasons that won’t convince prospects to attend your product demo: 

  • You’re polite and great at making small talk.
  • You can talk a lot about how amazing your product is and can interrupt everything the prospect says with your own great story. 
  • You tell prospects how great they are and how much you love what their company does (and they can tell by the slick and smooth delivery that you’re saying the same thing to every single prospect you talk to)
  • You tell them they should attend the demo because your software is great and will boost revenues, reduce costs, increase efficiency, etc. 

Steli Efti @ Product Demos That Sell.

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