Lemon #123. Questions to be answered in a SaaS demo

Lemon #123. Questions to be answered in a

While reading ‘Product Demos That Sell’ from Steli Efti, we learned about the ideal questions to be answered in a SaaS demo: 

Ideally, you want to create your own list of questions that work best for your sales needs, but here are some questions to get you started: 

  • Why is the prospect interested in your solution?
  • How are they currently trying to achieve this?
  • What do they want improved?
  • Have they used a similar product in the past?
  • What other products are they evaluating?
  • Who are the stakeholders involved in the deal?
  • How are they evaluating your solution, which KPIs do they want your product to push?

It’s worth investing some time upfront into formulating a set of questions. 

Remember that most of your qualifying questions should be open-ended.

Why questions: Asking ‘why’ will reveal a prospect’s beliefs and motivations. If a prospect tells you that they need to be able to split test email campaigns, ask them why that’s important to them.

Steli Efti @ Product Demos That Sell.

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