Lemon #121. The seven deadly sins of delivering a SaaS demo (part II)

Lemon #121. The seven deadly
of delivering a SaaS demo (part II)

While reading ‘Product Demos That Sell’ from Steli Efti, we learned about the seven deadly sins of delivering a SaaS demo: 

Here are the common mistakes while delivering a SaaS demo: 

  • Your demos are too long. The average product demo is 60 minutes. Nobody can remember 60 minutes or product features and ‘if you click on this button’… The prospect doesn’t know your product and hasn’t used it. Show them the most valuable things and get going with it. 
  • You demo features, instead of value. The purpose of your product demo is to demonstrate value, no features, and functionalities. Nobody cares about your product’s features. You need to focus on how your product is going to help your prospect:
    – Create value
    – Save time
    – Increase revenue
    – Solve problems 

    The prospect simply wants to know how it’s going to make their life better.

  • You don’t end the demo with a close  Where’s the fucking close? Too many demos don’t have a close. They end with no purpose, no direction, no conversion, no ‘this is the next step I want you to take’. 
    Obviously, this is a major issue. Product demos are sales tools. If they aren’t ending in closes or call-to-actions, they are being wasted.

Steli Efti @ Product Demos That Sell.

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