Lemon #120. The seven deadly sins of delivering a SaaS demo (part I)

Lemon #120. The seven deadly
of delivering a SaaS demo (part I)

While reading ‘Product Demos That Sell’ from Steli Efti, we learned about the seven deadly sins of delivering a SaaS demo: 

Here are the common mistakes while delivering a SaaS demo: 

  • You give too many product demos. The problem is that too many product demos are being given to people who are not truly qualified. As a sales rep, you’re time is too valuable. You can’t waste it giving a product demo to every Tom, Dick and Harry out there. Selectivity is your friend when qualifying prospects.

  • You haven’t sold the demo. Don’t ask why you have such a high rate of no-shows for your product demo. It’s not enough to invite prospects to a demo – you actually have to sell the demo! 
  • You mistake product demos for training tools. Demos are sales tools, period. Too many people give product demos as if they are training sessions. Here’s the difference: when you give a demo, you help a prospect understand the value your product can generate for them and you help them make a buying decision. It’s sales.  
    Once somebody is a customer, you might want to give them training on how to become proficient in using your product and getting the maximum value out of it. 

Steli Efti @ Product Demos That Sell.

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