Lemon #119. Product evangelism

Lemon #119. Product

While reading ‘Inspired’ from Marty Cagan, we learned about what product evangelism is: 

Product evangelism is, as Guy Kawasaki put it years ago, «selling the dream». It’s helping people imagine the future and inspiring them to help create that future. 

There are several techniques to help communicate the value of what you’re proposing to your team, colleagues, stakeholders, executives, and investors. Here are my top 10 pieces of advice for product managers to sell the dream:

  • Use a prototype. For many people, it’s way too hard to see the forest through the trees. 
  • Share the pain. Show the team the customer pain you’re addressing. This is why I love to bring engineers along for customer visits and meetings. 
  • Share the vision. Make sure you have a very clear understanding of your product vision, product strategy and product principles. 
  • Share learnings generously. 
  • Share credit generously. Make sure the team views it as their product, not just your product. 
  • Learn how to give a great demo. We’re trying to show them the value of what we’re building. A demo is not training, and it’s not a test. It’s a persuasive tool. Get really, really good at it. 
  • Do your homework. Be the undisputed expert on your users and customers. And the undisputed expert on your market including your competitors and the relevant trends. 
  • Be genuinely excited. If you’re not excited about your product, you should probably fix that. 
  • Learn to show some enthusiasm.
  • Spend time with your team. If you’re not spending significant face time with your designer and every engineer on your team, then they can’t see the enthusiasm in your eyes. Spending some personal time with every last person on the team pays off big in their level of motivation and, as a result, in the velocity of the team. It’s worth your time. 

Marty Cagan @ Inspired.

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