Lemon #115. Target companies, sell to people

Lemon #115. Target companies
to people

While reading ‘Outbound Sales, No Fluff’ from Rex Biberston & Ryan Reisert, we learned how to target companies but sell to people. They say:

In B2B sales, most buying decisions are subject to multiple opinions, also known as a consensus buying group. Each member of the group has different needs and concerns, most of which will be based on their role in the company. 

For example, a CFO is concerned about profitability and margins, so you’ll need to make a financial argument for him to agree to purchase your product. But a CEO is often more concerned with the strategic value of the decision, meaning you’ll need to demonstrate how effectively your product will help her accomplish her existing goals. 

If you make an argument for why your product will work for the company, but you focus on aspects that have nothing to do with the person you’re interacting with, the response is likely to be, «So what?»

As you engage each buyer persona, you need to personalize your pitch to align with what they care about most. 

As you write your call scripts and craft your email templates, you need to ask, «What’s in it for my buyer’? and «Will this buyer reply, ‘So what’? Otherwise you risk losing a sale where the product was a great fit for the company, but you didn’t prove it was a great fit for the person. 

Rex Biberston & Ryan Reisert @ Outbound Sales, No Fluff.

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