Lemon #108. Principles of product strategy

Lemon #108. Principles of

While reading ‘Inspired’ from Marty Cagan, we learned about the principles of product strategy. Marty Cagan says:

Good product strategies have these five principles in common: 

  • Focus on one target market or persona at a time. Don’t try to please everyone in a single release. Focus on one new target market, or one new target persona, for each release. You’ll find that the product will still likely be useful to others, but at least it will be loved by some, and that’s the key.
  • Product strategy needs to be aligned with business strategy. The vision is meant to inspire the organization, but the organization ultimately is there to come up with solutions that deliver on the business strategy. 
  • Product strategy needs to be aligned with sales and go-to-market strategy.

  • Obsess over customers, not over competitors. Too many companies completely forget about their product strategy once they encounter a serious competitor. We can’t ignore the market, but remember that customers rarely leave us for our competitors. They leave us because we stop taking care of them.
  • Communicate the strategy across the organization. This is part of evangelizing the vision. It’s important that all key business partners in the company know the customers we’re focused on now and which are planned for later. Stay specially closely synced with sales, marketing, finance and service.  

Marty Cagan @ Inspired.

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