Lemon #107. Why shocking rules work to set a business culture

Lemon #107. Why shocking rules work to set a

While reading ‘What you do is who you are’ from Ben Horowitz, we learned why shocking rules work to create a business culture. Ben Horowitz says:

Here are the rules for writing a rule so powerful it sets a culture for many years:

  • It must be memorable. If people forget the rule, they forget the culture. 
  • It must raise the question «Why?». Your rule should be so bizarre and shocking that everybody who hears it is compelled to ask, «Are you serious?»
  • Its cultural impact must be straightforward. The answer to «Why?» must clearly explain the cultural concept. 
  • People must encounter the rule almost daily. If your incredibly memorable rule applies only to situations people face once a year, it’s irrelevant. 

For example, when Tom Coughlin coached the New York Giants, from 2004 to 2015, the media went crazy over a shocking rule he set: If you are on time, your are late. He started every meeting five minutes early and fined players one thousand dollars if they were late. 

Was the rule memorable? Check. Did it beg the question «Why?». He had players asking everyone from the league to the New York Times «Why?», so, check. Did it encounter daily? Check. 

That’s how you set a culture. Shocking rules. 

Ben Horowitz @ What you do is who you are.

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