Lemon #106. The key to creating a business culture

Lemon #106. The key to creating a

While reading ‘What you do is who you are’ from Ben Horowitz, we learned about the key to creating a business culture. Ben Horowitz says:

Defining a business culture is really difficult. Here are some questions that helped: 

  • Is that phone call so important that I need to return it today or can it wait till tomorrow?
  • Can I ask for a raise before my annual review?
  • Do I have to be on time for that meeting?
  • Should I stay at the Four Seasons or the Red Roof Inn?
  • Should I point out what my peers do wrong, or what they do right?

There aren’t any «right answers» to those questions. The right answers for your company depend on what your company is, what it does, and what it wants to be. In fact, how your employees answer these kinds of questions is your culture. Because your culture is how your company makes decisions when you’re not there. It’s the set of assumptions your employees use to resolve the problems they face every day. It’s how the behave when no one is looking. 

Culture is not like a mission statement; you can’t just set it up and have it last forever. If you see something off-culture and ignore it, you’ve created a new culture. 

Ben Horowitz @ What you do is who you are.

Jorge Moreno

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