Lemon #105. Product vision & product strategy

Lemon #105. Product vision &

While reading ‘Inspired’ from Marty Cagan, we learned about product vision & product strategy. Marty Cagan says: 

The product vision describes the future we are trying to create, typically somewhere between two and five years out. 

Its primary purpose is to communicate this vision and inspire the teams (the stakeholders, investors, partners and prospective customers) to want to help make this vision a reality.

When done well, the product vision is one of our most effective recruiting tools, and it serves to motivate the people on your teams to come to work every day. Strong technology people are drawn to an inspiring vision – they want to work on something meaningful. 

One of the most basic of all product lessons learned is that trying to please everybody at once will almost certainly please nobody. The product strategy is our sequence of products or releases we plan to deliver on the path to realizing the product vision. 

For a product team to be empowered and act with any meaningful degree of autonomy, the team must have a deep understanding of the broader context. This starts with a clear and compelling product vision, and the path to achieving that vision is the product strategy. 

The difference between vision and strategy is analogous to the difference between good leadership and good management. Leadership inspires and sets the direction, and management helps get us there.

Marty Cagan @ Inspired.

Jorge Moreno

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