Lemon #104. Why product roadmaps don’t work

Lemon #104. Why
don’t work

While reading ‘Inspired’ from Marty Cagan, we learned why product roadmaps don’t work. Marty Cagan says: 

Even with the best of intentions, product roadmaps typically lead to very poor business results. 

The first inconvenient truth is that at least half of our product ideas are just not going to work.

  • Sometimes, customers just aren’t as excited about this idea as we are, so they choose not to use it (the value isn’t there).
  • Sometimes they do want to use it, and they try to use it, but it’s so complicated that it’s simply more trouble than it’s worth (the usability isn’t there)
  • Sometimes the issue is that the customers might have loved it, but it turns out to be much more involved to build than we thought, and we simply can’t afford the time and cost to deliver (the feasibility isn’t there)
  • Sometimes we encounter serious legal, financial, or business constraints that block the solution from launch (the business viability isn’t there)

The second inconvenient truth is that even with the ideas that do prove to be valuable, usable, feasible and viable, it typically takes several iterations to get the execution of this idea to the point where it delivers the expected business value that management was hoping for. 

We need to solve the underlying problem, not just deliver a feature. 

Marty Cagan @ Inspired.

Jorge Moreno

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