Lemon #103. Why does everybody hate salespeople?

Lemon #103. Why does everybody

While reading ‘Outbound Sales, No Fluff’ from Rex Biberston & Ryan Reisert, we learned why everybody hates salespeople. They say:

You’ve seen salespeople portrayed in movies and television. Think Glengarry Glen Ross, Wolf of Wall Street. 

The first lesson of sales is… «Always be closing!». 


The first lesson is this: nobody cares about your product. People care about themselves and their problems. They don’t want you to waste their precious time talking about features and functionality. They don’t want to hear about how many awards your product has won. They want you to solve one of their problems. 

Consider this: if a million-dollar watch doesn’t tell time any better than a ten-dollar watch, why is there a luxury watch market at all?

  • A ten-dollar watch solves the problem of needing to know what time it is. 
  • A hundred-dollar watch solves the problem of needing to look stylish at the club.
  • A million-dollar watch solves the problem of needing to establish dominance in a business meeting. 

Each watch solves a different problem, even though they all tell time. 

PRO TIP: Build a list of the problems your product solves. Use this list to qualify a prospect as early as possible. This will save you tons of time (and a heartache).

Rex Biberston & Ryan Reisert @ Outbound Sales, No Fluff.

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