Lemon #102. How to create mini-CEOs

Lemon #102. How to create

While reading ‘CEOFlow’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about the the importance of creating self-managing systems with your employees. Aaron Ross says:

When a group grows past 8-10 people, it is easy to begin losing that intimate, small team feel. People start feeling lost in a crowd, or that they can hide. 

When my sales team grew to 15 direct reports, well past my ability to give each person the amount of attention they deserved, I divided the team into three sub-teams of 5 people. 

Each sub-team then selected their own «team lead», like a squad leader, who would best support them in their personal sales success.

These team leads were not managers but salespeople with extra responsibilities around ensuring their sub-team functioned smoothly. While I often didn’t have people on my team for more than 8 months, I would recommend you make team lead roles rotating positions, say every three-to-six months, so different people can develop and practice leadership skills. 

Another way to create self-managing teams is spreading responsibilities across the team by creating functional leads: «Goal Setting Lead», «New Hires Lead», «Educational Lead», «Coaching System Lead», etc.. You can rotate these roles every few months. 

Important: A functional lead doesn’t have to be the one doing all the work. They are only responsible for it getting done, whether or not they do it. For example, a «Sales Hiring Lead» could be responsible for organizing the hiring process and making sure the interviews get done, without actually doing any interviews themselves. 

Aaron Ross @ CEOFlow.

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