Lemon #100. Use pull management to better serve your people

Lemon #100. Use pull management to better
your people

While reading ‘CEOFlow’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about how to use pull management to better serve your people. Aaron Ross says:

Here’s how you can begin using Pull Management to help your salespeople become more successful by increasing program and process adoption through better design. 

First, start learning how to earn, rather than demand, their attention (Optional meetings, anyone?)

Instead of trying to push mandates or arbitrary programs onto salespeople, try a different approach: consider how you market to customers. 

You earn the business and attention of customers. What if you tried thinking of salespeople as customers or users, and your tools, sales environment and programs are the «products»?

Can you force customers to do things? No. You have to design a product or service that they appreciate and that improve their business. And in doing so, you earn the business and attention of your customers. The same can be done for your internal customer – your salespeople. 

Consider what could happen if you made your sales organizations ‘salesperson-centric’?

One way to consider where the bar is to consider this: whatever you want your salespeople to spend time on should be at least as valuable to them as calling a prospect or customer. 

Aaron Ross @ CEOFlow.

Jorge Moreno

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