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While reading ‘Inspired’ from Marty Cagan, we learned about key product concepts: 

Marty says that we need to discover the product to be built, and we need to deliver that product to market. Discovery and delivery are two main activities on a cross-functional team, and they are both typically ongoing and in parallel. 

That means that product managers and designers are always working on discovering the necessary product to be built while the engineers work to deliver production-quality product. 

Some key concepts:

  • Product discovery: Discovery is very much about the intense collaboration of product management, user experience design and engineering. The purpose of product discovery is to quickly separate the good ideas from the bad. The output of product discovery is a validated product backlog. 
  • Prototypes: Product discovery involves running a series of very quick experiments, and to do these experiments quickly and inexpensively, we use prototypes rather than products. 
  • Product delivery: The purpose of product delivery is to build and deliver these production-quality technology products, something you can sell and run a business on. 
  • Product Market Fit: Once the product is into the market, we strive to achieve product/market fit.
  • Product vision: This refers to the longer-term objective of this product, normally 2-10 years out. It is how we as a product organization intend to deliver on company’s mission. 

So, we use prototypes to conduct rapid experiments in product discovery, and then in delivery, we build and release products in hopes of achieving product/market fit, which is a key step on the way to delivering on the company’s product vision. 

Marty Cagan @ Inspired.

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