Lemon #27. How to start selling in a new country

Lemon #27. How to
selling in a new country

While reading the Balderton B2B Sales Playbook, I learned how we should start selling in a new country. Here are some key points:

Start selling from HQ

  • Keeping the sales team centralised in the HQ and adding people to cover other geographies from the HQ
  • Hire native people who can speak the language, and understand the culture and how to sell in the new market
  • Consider how easy it is to get people to the new region and at  what cost

Put in place local infrastructure

  • Starting with one sales POD based in the new country
  • Often best for low velocity high touch sales businesses where local presence (in-person meetings) to sell and close deals can be key

Use indirect channels to start

  • Setting up focus partners in new countries to represent your company
  • Often a good option to start a new country with minimal investment and for ‘second-tier’ geographies where best to have partners than not being present at all

Going global @ The Balderton B2B sales playbook.

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