Lemon #8. How to criticize… and not be hated for it

Lemon #8. How to
… and not be hated for it

Many people begin their criticism with sincere praise followed by the word ‘but’ and ending with a critical statement. 

In this case, the person might feel encouraged until we hear the word ‘but’, since we’ll question the sincerity of the original praise and it’ll seem only to be a contrived lead-in to a critical interference of failure. 

This could be easily overcome by changing the word ‘but’ to ‘and’. Ex. ‘We’re really proud of you, for raising your grades this term, and by continuing the same conscientious efforts next term, your algebra grade can be up with all the others’. 

Calling attention to one’s mistakes indirectly works wonders with sensitive people who may resent bitterly and criticism. 

So, if we want to correct other’s mistakes, let’s call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly. 

Dale Carnegie @ How to win friends and influence people. 

Jorge Moreno

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