Lemon #23. Case study: a high velocity SaaS company

Lemon #23. Case study: a

While reading the Balderton B2B Sales playbook, I learned some of the key points about how a high velocity SaaS company works from marketing to sales and timing: 

  • Inbound target at c.70%
  • Strong focus on having a predictable pipeline and controlling conversion rates.
  • Moved inbound interest forward selectively to avoid wasting time.
  • Common marketing strategies include webinars, partnerships, add words, and events.
  • The first SDR email is personalised, but based on a template to boost efficiency.
  • Two first contacts are often done by email, then goes the phone call. Having c. 5-10 touch points with SDR is normal to properly understand the prospect’s needs before passing to the AE phase.
  • The AE does the demo, offers a trial (1 week on average) and encourages usage.
  • To reduce ramping up time, a sales academy was implemented. SDRs used to take 6 months to ramp up and that time has been reduced since the sales academy was put in place.
  • During the first 2 weeks to 1 month, productivity from SDRs was low.

The details @ The Balderton B2B Sales playbook. 

Jorge Moreno

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