Lemon #25. Building a strong sales culture

Lemon #25. Bulding a strong

While reading the Balderton B2B Sales Playbook, I learned how a strong sales culture should be like:

Put a high-performance model in a place to manage salespeople: 

  •  High performers are highly rewarded
  • Low performers need to improve fast or leave

This model usually relies on two main levers:

  • Compensation scheme: salespeople’s behavior will heavily depend on it
  • Other motivation initiatives for the sales organisation

Your company’s culture is key: a strong sales culture implies building an overarching culture with a high focus on performance. 

To enhance salesforce motivation, you should think about:

  • The company’s vision communication
  • Training
  • Holistic understanding of competition
  • Key decisions that define your sales culture
  • Quotas: how hard they are to achieve
  • Variable compensation as a % of base
  • How long you keep a salesperson when underperforming

Creating a strong sales culture @ The Balderton B2B sales playbook.

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