Lemon #37. Address the elephant in the room

Lemon #37. Address the
in the room

While reading the Leadfeeder blog, this is what we learned about B2B cold emails for Sales Development Representatives:

Do you address the COVID-19 crisis when sending cold emails? 

The reality is, the virus is impacting the daily lives of nearly every person in the world – it is something we all have in common. 

Leveraging that would be gross, so don’t be that person. But avoid mentioning a topic that is impacting so many lives can come across as disingenuous. 

Here are a few don’ts to keep in mind when your are addressing the COVID-19 crisis in your sales e-mails: 

  • Don’t test emoticons and GIFs now. They can be a creative way to break tension. Your efforts could fall flat at best – or come across as really insensitive. 
  • Don’t assume everyone has the same experience: Some folks may be stuck at home alone, others may be trying to juggle kids with a full-time WFH job, and other may be working outside the home and fearful of bringing the virus home. 
  • Don’t use worn-out phrases: When we don’t know what to say, it might seem easier to use canned responses like «During these uncertain times». The problem is, these phrases are overused and come across as insincere. 

So, what should we do?

Keep our email short, focused on how we can help their business in the current climate, and wish them well by ending your  email with «hope your team is holding up well» or similar. 

Anna Crowe @ Leadfeeder blog.

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