Lemon #19. A perfect B2B sales team structure

Lemon #19. A perfect B2B

While reading the Balderton B2B Sales playbook, I learned how a perfect B2B outbound Sales machine works. Here’s the basics:

  • Market Development Reps (MDR): focused on market research, qualifying companies, responding to inbounds leads and delivering companies to the Sales Development Reps.
  • Sales Development Reps (SDR): focused on generating leads for outbound sales, prospecting the ideal customer profile and scheduling meetings that will be taken by the Account Executives. 
  • Sales Engineers (for technical products): focused on answering all technical questions and providing support to AEs in the field.
  • Account Executives (AE): focused on getting the customer commitment and closing the sale.
  • Onboarders (ONB): focused on integrating clients and achieving first use. 
  • Customer Success Managers (CSM): focused on orchestrating the customer experience and ensuring satisfaction. They’re also focused on potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities together with the account manager. 
  • Account Managers (AM): focused on helping the customer grow their use of the product internally,  primarily for the purposes of cross & up-sell as well as for engagement reasons. 
  • Head or VP of Sales: focused on leading the sales team and working with other cross-functions to establish target quotas, compensation, and the optimal team structure. 

The basics @ The Balderton B2B Sales Playbook. 

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