Lemon #73. 6 Responsibilities of a manager

Lemon #73. 6 responsibilities of a

While reading ‘Predictable Revenue’ from Aaron Ross, we learned about 6 responsibilites of a manager. Aaron Ross says:

  • Choose people carefully

Over time, the best employees are the ones who can adapt to changing circumstances and roles. A fast-learning, hungry hire can make up for a reasonable lack of experience in 6-12 months. 

  • Set expectations and vision

Don’t define the role in terms of activities; define it in terms of results as much as possible. Tell them where on the map they need to get to, give them advice and guidance, but then let them find their own way. 

  • Remove obstacles

Simplicity, clarity = productivity

Uncertainty, ambiguity = waste

  • Inspire your people

Inspiring is not cheerleading; it’s understanding what helps your team and its individuals find their own reasons to excel and to achieve their full potential (not your potential). 

  • Work for your people

How satisfied would you be in your job if there was no opportunity to learn, grow or be promoted? Your people want the same things. Take time to proactively understand their individual life/career goals, them work to help them achieve those goals. 

  • Improve it next time

What would you do differently next time with any of the above five steps? What works today can be improved tomorrow. 

Aaron Ross @ Predictable Revenue.

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